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Why Vantage Financial Group

Why Vantage Financial Group

Vantage has been the premier independent, full-service, single source financial services company in Northeast Ohio for more than 50 years.  Our firm has been structured for our financial professionals to be able to act as the primary resource to provide clients with advice, services, and products that will enable each to pursue their personal and business financial goals.  This all-encompassing planning approach requires our Associates to have a wide breadth of knowledge or have access to resources in all financial related areas for their clients.  These areas include, among others, asset allocation and investment planning; risk management and insurance; college funding options; employee benefit plans and individual health care; tax planning and minimization strategies; estate planning; and retirement planning including Social Security benefit claiming strategies, and health care options.     

Many firms have limited knowledge in some or many of these planning areas.  Vantage has positioned itself to support our Associates planning work in all areas that may impact our client’s financial lives.  

Our affiliations with Cetera Advisor Networks LLC, Vantage Benefit Advisors, LLC, and Vantage’s independent investment advisory firm enables our financial professionals to have the resources of a national firm but in a local and independent environment.  As an independent firm, there are no proprietary products, obligations to product manufacturers, or incentives to sell any specific product.  Associates can provide the best solution for each client’s situation free from any directive that might create a conflict of interest.  Our knowledge, resources, and independence are your advantage.

Although Associates develop their own practice model, areas of focus, and client base, Vantage provides a wide range of back office, technology, planning, compliance, and marketing assistance to support each Associate’s efforts.  A number of our Associates have established collaborative practice arrangements with other Associates that have a different field of knowledge.  Others have developed relationships with outside professionals as a source for client referrals.  As an organization, we actively seek and help finance practice acquisitions to help Associates grow their client base.  We also provide the opportunity for Associates to work with our staff to create a business and marketing plan to better connect with existing clients and reach out to referrals and other prospects.  Our focus as an organization is to help each Associate grow professionally and add value to their practice.  Being independent does not mean being alone.

Associates can select a business model and location based upon their personal goals and needs of their clients.  Vantage has affiliated offices in Pennsylvania, Michigan, North Carolina, Nevada, Colorado, and Texas along with multiple locations in Ohio.  Some advisors may feel more comfortable moving into an independent environment as part of an established organization.  For those individuals, we provide everything needed to start a practice including professional office space, phones, administrative support, marketing assistance, technology, and conference facilities.  Others want to have a separate and independent office and staff while some prefer an “at-home” office while having access to our conference facilities and staff support.  Regardless of the platform selected, Vantage is committed to partnering with its Associates and providing the needed resources to help each grow a successful practice.  The firm provides all new Associates with transition support and compensation; technology setup and training; marketing support utilizing Cetera’s “Marketing Central” program; and social media marketing to clients and prospects.  Associates have the all benefits of being part of a large firm while retaining full ownership of their clients and practice.    

Planning knowledge and systems. Wide array of products, services, resources, technology, and support.  Commitment to marketing. Choice of business models. Independence.  These are a few of the many reasons you should look at joining Vantage Financial Group!

For more information about our organizations and Cetera Advisor Networks LLC or to schedule a confidential telephone call or meeting, please contact Regional Director, Kurt Camden, at 216-532-8149.

Our Affiliations

The following are the companies that our financial professionals are affiliated with or support their work:

Our Broker-Dealer -  Cetera Advisor Networks LLC

Independent Investment Advisory Firm

Vantage Financial Group is a Registered Investment Adviser where affiliated financial professionals can develop professional, proactive, and on-going advisory relationships with clients for investment management, financial planning, and retirement plan services.  The firm is independent and not affiliated with Cetera Adviser Networks LLC.  For investment management clients, Pershing LLC acts as the custodian for assets and Cetera Advisor Network LLC is the broker-dealer for those accounts.  The firm is an SEC registered investment advisory firm and Associates are separately registered as “Investment Adviser Representatives”.   

Vantage Benefit Advisors, LLC (VBA)

For more than a quarter century, VBA has provided employee benefit services and group insurance products to closely held businesses, non-profit organizations, and public corporations.  Recognizing that healthcare reform and other legislation would cause a change to the way companies provide benefits to their employees, VBA has expanded its scope of services to assist clients in finding resources to meet their changing HR, technology, and compliance needs.  Associates are able to work jointly with VBA Benefit Advisors to provide added products and services to their clients.     

Vantage Financial Group, Inc.

Vantage acts as a resource to provide Associates with life and disability insurance, fixed annuity products, and long term care coverage options to meet the varied protection needs of their clients.  In addition, the company provides access to individual health insurance coverage, including the plans available through the Federal Marketplace, along with Medicare supplemental, HMO (Advantage Plans), and prescription drug coverage (Medicare Part D).  Our knowledge in these areas provides Associates the ability to offer clients all the products needed to help each meet their financial needs.