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Specialized Third Party Administration Services

Vantage is a recognized provider of Specialized Third Party Administration (TPA) Services. Our professionals use Vantage’s customized, proprietary software to provide the following services:

  • Daily Unit Value Valuation
  • Coordination of account transaction activity
  • Tracking of daily account balances
  • Update/Maintain each individual account
  • 24 hour check processing of approved distribution requests
  • Monitor the tracking of approved distribution checks
  • 24/7 website access for individuals to view daily and monthly activity, to print monthly statements and to view historical documents
  • Professional money management services provided through a registered investment advisor
  • Provide a daily secure, off-site data back-up at two (2) undisclosed locations
  • Produce customized reports based upon client requests
  • Convert trust account information and data
  • Administration of Special Needs Pooled Trusts

Independent Trust Services for Foundations and Pooled Trusts

We partner with the Equity Trust Company to provide independent trust services for Vantage clients. As the Third Party Administrator for these Trusts, our specialized services include:

  • Transaction coordination and oversight of each of the trust accounts
  • Tracking of approved distribution checks as directed
  • Maintenance of trust accounts activity and balances
  • Daily communications
  • Monthly and periodic reporting
  • Trust account daily unit value valuation
  • Secure, online access to view daily and monthly activity for all trust settlors, trust advisors and/or trust beneficiaries

Case Highlight

Currently, Vantage TPA Services is the Third Party Administrator and Investment Advisor for Community Fund Management Foundation (CFMF), which acts as the trust advisor for the largest state special needs pooled trust in the United States. Vantage TPA Services is partnered with Equity Trust Company, with headquarters in Westlake, OH, to provide Trust Services for CFMF.

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